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This walkthrough will be written in TypeScript but will have JavaScript snippets throughout.

Make robust, modular, bots

  • Modularity: sern is built with modularity in mind. You can swap pieces and parts easily.
  • Familiar: commands and structures are similar to classic v12 handlers and the official discord.js command handler guide, while packing many features
  • Concise: Too much code is a liability. with sern, write less for more 🤯

Using @sapphire/framework

import { Command } from '@sapphire/framework'
import type { CommandInteraction } from 'discord.js'

export class PingCommand extends Command {
public constructor(context: Command.Context) {
super(context, {
description: 'Pong!',
chatInputCommand: {
register: true,
public async chatInputRun(interaction: CommandInteraction) {
await interaction.reply('Pong!')

Using @sern/handler

import { commandModule, CommandType } from '@sern/handler'
import { publish } from '../plugins';

export default commandModule({
type: CommandType.Both,
plugins: [publish()],
description: 'Pong!',
execute: (ctx, args) => {
await ctx.reply('Pong!')

Keep in mind the above example acts as both a slash command AND text command