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TLDR: Plugins help reduce code repetition and are installable via sern plugins. Put them onto the plugins field of a command/event module.


Chances are, you just want your bot to work. Plugins can preprocess and create reusable conditions for modules.


sern plugins
  • Install your favorite(s) (or the ones that look the coolest). In my imaginary mind, I installed the ownerOnly plugin.
    • This should install in plugins directory in src.
  • Some plugins only work with specific types. Most are targeted towards slash / both modules.
  • Add to your module.
import { commandModule, CommandType } from '@sern/handler'
import { ownerOnly } from '../plugins'

export default commandModule({
type: CommandType.Both,
plugins: [ownerOnly(['182326315813306368')],
description: 'ping command',
execute: (ctx) => {
ctx.reply('hello, owner');

┗|`O′|┛ perfect, your first plugin!

Creating your own plugins

The controller determines in plugins whether to continue or fail.

The controller object

export interface Controller {
next: () => Ok<void>;
stop: () => Err<void>;

Init Plugins

Init plugins modify how commands are loaded or do preprocessing. An instance of the above object is passed into every plugin.
This controls whether a module is stored into sern.

import { CommandInitPlugin } from '@sern/handler'
import path from 'path'
export const inDir = (dir: string) => {
return CommandInitPlugin(({ module, absPath }) => {
if(path.dirname(absPath) !== dir) {
console.log(+new Date(), `${} is not in the correct directory!`);
return controller.stop()
console.log(+new Date(), `${} is in the correct directory!`);
return; //continue

Above, this simple plugin logs that the module has been loaded along with a timestamp.

Event Plugins


  • An event is emitted by discord.js.
  • This event is passed to all plugins (in order!!),
  • If all are successful,

The command is executed. Calling controller.stop() notifies sern that this command should not be run, and command is ignored.

Can you predict the behavior of this command?

  • Before loading into sern, this command module will check if this module is in the correct directory other.
  • Before an event occurs, this command module will check if the user has the id 182326315813306368.

Event Plugins are good for filtering, preconditions, parsing.

If all plugins return, this command replies Pong 🏓