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Handlers. Redefined.

A customizable, batteries-included, powerful discord.js framework to streamline bot development.

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📜 Installation

npm install @sern/handler
yarn add @sern/handler
pnpm add @sern/handler


  • Most handlers don't support discord.js 14.7+
  • Customizable commands
  • Plug and play or customize to your liking
  • Embraces reactive programming for consistent and reliable backend
  • Customizable logger, error handling, and more
  • Active development and growing community

👀 Quick Look

  • Support for discord.js v14 and all interactions
  • Hybrid commands
  • Lightweight and customizable
  • ESM, CommonJS and TypeScript support
  • A powerful CLI and awesome community-made plugins

👶 Basic Usage

index.js (CommonJS)

// Import the discord.js Client and GatewayIntentBits
const { Client, GatewayIntentBits } = require('discord.js');

// Import Sern namespace
const { Sern } = require('@sern/handler');

// Our configuration file
const { defaultPrefix, token } = require('./config.json');

const client = new Client({
intents: [
export const useContainer = Sern.makeDependencies({
build: root => root
.add({ '@sern/client': single(client) })
.add({ '@sern/logger': single(new DefaultLogging()) })

//View docs for all options
defaultPrefix: '!', // removing defaultPrefix will shut down text commands
commands: 'src/commands',
// events: 'src/events' (optional),
containerConfig : {
get: useContainer


ping.js (CommonJS)

const { CommandType, commandModule } = require('@sern/handler');

exports.default = commandModule({
name: 'ping',
description: 'A ping pong command',
type: CommandType.Slash,
execute(ctx) {

See our templates for TypeScript examples and more.


It is highly encouraged to use the command line interface for your project. Don't forget to view it.

👋 Contribute

  • Read our contribution guidelines carefully
  • Pull up on issues and report bugs
  • All kinds of contributions are welcomed.

🚈 Roadmap

You can check our roadmap to see what's going to be added or patched in the future.