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Handlers. Redefined.

A complete, customizable, typesafe, & reactive framework for discord bots

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  • For you. A framework that's tailored to your exact needs.
  • Lightweight. Does a lot while being small.
  • Latest features. Support for discord.js v14 and all of its interactions.
  • Hybrid, customizable and composable commands. Create them just how you like.
  • Start quickly. Plug and play or customize to your liking.
  • Embraces reactive programming. For consistent and reliable backend.
  • Switch and customize how errors are handled, logging, and more.
  • Use it with TypeScript or JavaScript. CommonJS and ESM supported.
  • Active and growing community, always here to help. Join us
  • Unleash its full potential with a powerful CLI and awesome plugins.

📜 Installation

npm install @sern/handler
yarn add @sern/handler
pnpm add @sern/handler

👶 Basic Usage

export default commandModule({
type: CommandType.Slash,
//Installed plugin to publish to discord api and allow access to owners only.
plugins: [publish(), ownerOnly()],
description: 'A ping pong command',
execute(ctx) {
ctx.reply('Hello owner of the bot');
export default commandModule({
type: CommandType.Modal,
//Installed a plugin to make sure modal fields pass a validation.
plugins : [
fields: {
name: /^([^0-9]*)$/
failure: (errors, modal) => modal.reply('your submission did not pass the validations')
execute : (modal) => {
modal.reply('thanks for the submission!');
import { Client, GatewayIntentBits } from 'discord.js';
import { Sern, single } from '@sern/handler';

//client has been declared previously
//Version 3
await makeDependencies({
build: root => root
.add({ '@sern/client': single(() => client) })

//View docs for all options
defaultPrefix: '!', // removing defaultPrefix will shut down text commands
commands: 'src/commands',
// events: 'src/events' (optional),


🤖 Bots Using sern


It is highly encouraged to use the command line interface for your project. Don't forget to view it.

👋 Contribute

  • Read our contribution guidelines carefully
  • Pull up on issues and report bugs
  • All kinds of contributions are welcomed.