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Release 1.2.0

· 2 min read

Class-based modules

Today we're announcing the ability to create class based modules! To get started, install

npm install @sern/handler@latest

Quick List of changes!

Class based modules

Incorporate class based modules into your project instead of the traditional commandModule or eventModule Extend the new CommandExecutable or EventExecutable

import { CommandType, CommandExecutable, type Args, type Context } from '@sern/handler';
import { publish } from '../plugins/publish.js';
import { serendipityOnly } from '../plugins/serendipityOnly.js';

export default class extends CommandExecutable<CommandType.Both> {
type = CommandType.Both as const;
description = 'What is the meaning of life?'
override onEvent = [
override plugins = [
execute = async (ctx: Context, args: Args) => {
await ctx.reply('42')

execute must not be a method of the class. It should be as above, a property on the class!

import { CommandType, EventExecutable, type EventType } from '@sern/handler';
import type { GuildMember } from 'discord.js'

export default class extends EventExecutable<EventType.Discord> {
type = EventType.Discord as const;
execute = (member: GuildMember) => {

Now, you might ask why this feature was added.
Simply put, to give flexibility to the developers. I believe that you should build your own structures however you might like and customize to your liking. In addition, decorators now unofficially work with modules! Feel free to use TypeScript experimental decorators to augment and customize your classes.

Deprecation Warnings

The next update will bring sern v2 with some important features. Here are some things to watch out for.

Dependencies Update

  • TypeScript has been updated to 4.8.3
  • Discord.js has been upgraded to 14.5