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New logo!

· One min read

Hey everyone! Today we have very special news for you all: We're changing our logo!

You see, on today's standards, having a simple logo is essential. Our logo aligns perfectly with these design principles but it can always be improved.
We were chilling, you know, cooking sern handler v3, sern gui, npm create @sern/bot and serncord when we thought about changing the logo to a sleek design with less colors.
And here we are!

Who did our new branding?

Bro's the GOAT. This website is maintained by him, the domain costs are funded by him and also he started brainstorming how the logo would be on paper:
And there it all clicked:
seren tried by the way!

Anyways, here it is:

Pretty nice!

By the way, we have animations and variations on the way, so make sure to stay updated in the discord server!

Finally, from the entire sern team, thank you for sticking around ❤️