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Publish commands to the API, install plugins, and use other tools provided by our cli.

The CLI is your pocketknife for discord bot development. It'll have all features necessary for developing and shipping to production.

Usage: sern [options] [command]

___ ___ _ __ _ __
/ __|/ _ \ '__| '_ \
\__ \ __/ | | | | |
|___/\___|_| |_| |_|

If you're new to sern, run npm create @sern/bot for an interactive setup to your new bot project!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, bug reports, kindly join our support server:

-v, --version output the version number
-h, --help display help for command

init [options] Quickest way to scaffold a new project [DEPRECATED]
plugins [options] Install plugins from
extra Easy way to add extra things in your sern project
commands Defacto way to manage your slash commands
help [command] display help for command