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Autocomplete is a special interaction where it can happen on multiple options on a single command. We've handled this with a simple tree search algorithm in a nested options tree.


export default commandModule({ 
type: CommandType.Slash,
description: "show me cheese",
options: [
name: "list",
type: ApplicationCommandOptionType.String,
description: "pick a cheese to show",
required: true,
autocomplete: true,
command: {
onEvent: [],
execute: (ctx) => {
const focus = ctx.options.getFocused();
ctx.respond(['gouda', 'parmesan', 'harvati']
.map((cheese) => ({ name: cheese, value: cheese })));
execute: (ctx, [, args]) => {
const cheese = args.getString('list', true);
ctx.reply('selected cheese');

Sern will handle autocomplete interactions at arbitrary depths and subcommand levels.