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Transition from v2 to v3

- Sern.makeDependencies({ build: () => {} })
+ await makeDependencies({ build: () => {} })

v3 comes with the new Service api. To make sure to enable intellisense include a dependencies.d.ts file into compilation. Click here for all new features

* This file serves as intellisense for sern projects.
* Types are declared here for dependencies to function properly
* Service(s) api rely on this file to provide a better developer experience.

import { SernEmitter, Logging, CoreModuleStore, ModuleManager, ErrorHandling, CoreDependencies, Singleton } from '@sern/handler'
import { Client } from 'discord.js'

declare global {
interface Dependencies extends CoreDependencies {
'@sern/client': Singleton<Client>

export {}

A standard project file tree:

file tree